Who We Are

Green Power was founded in 2006 in the Principality of Monaco by the acquisition of the patent of a thermo magnetic technology called "WARUM" aiming to increase energy efficiency in the process of combustion on industrial boilers.

Since then, Several projects of Energy Efficiency in leading Turkish Industry have been successfully achieved with impressive rates of savings. Our aim is to satisfy today the urgent need of our customers to make substantial savings in their energy consumption and increase their competitivity towards the emerging markets.

Sustainable development is not an option anymore, it's an obligation, and our contribution in the protection of the environment is proportional to the amount of savings that our customers will benefit, and therefore make a difference to the world, for now and future generations.

Our Vision

To make a difference to the world, for now and future generations by our contributions.

Our Mission

To endorse ecological well-being:
We believe that ensuring a harmonious relationship with nature and safeguarding the interests of future generations requires minimizing and risks to ecosystems.

To confirm economical well-being:
By blending technology and innovation, we seek practical and least-cost solutions to the hazardous effects of industrial processes.

To secure ethical well-being:
We believe that an ethical society is one with a vast understanding for personal integrity, with a sense of mutual respect towards each other, considering their needs, values and interests as well as a consciousness towards the global ecology and nature.

Our Values

We conduct business in an ethical manner and communicate "credibility" to our customers. We deliver clear and tangible commitments to our customers and to the environment.

We feel that we are not only responsible to our customers but also to the society in general. We do not only sell products to create benefits for our customers but also strive to find ecology-friendly solutions and to deliver value-added methods and services to help global ecology.

Sustainable development:
We demonstrate respect for the environment in terms of energy consumption, ecological balance and quality of life for everyone.

Our Goals

Adding environmental consciousness and consideration to economic growth:
Concern for the environment is fundamental. By increasing energy consumption, businesses can take action against the threat of climate change and global affects of green house effects of CO2 emissions. We are combining technology, intelligence and service platform to deliver energy utilization enhancement thus enhancing the environment and increasing profitability.

Boosting profitability for our customers:
Saving money is "good business". Lower energy costs bring immediate savings to the bottom line, increasing profitability. A 30% saving in energy consumption - realistically achievable - can have the same positive effect as a 5% increase in sales.

Creating competitive edge for our customers:
By reducing your overheads you automatically improve the competitiveness of your products or services.

Increasing the reputation of our customers:
More and more investors and customers are positively discriminating in favour of 'green' companies or organizations. We are committed to improving the customers' knowledge about energy conservation options and the importance it has on our environment as well as saving money over time by reduced energy consumption.

Preserving and improving the quality of human life:
Each company must be committed to good environmental management practices and the prevention of pollution in connection with carrying its own business operations. We value, above all, our ability to serve everyone who can benefit from the appropriate use of our products and services, thereby providing lasting consumer satisfaction. We are dedicated to the pursuit of sustainable development and a better quality of life for everyone now and the generations to come

Committing to the highest standards of ethics and integrity:
We are responsible to our customers and to the environment we inhabit. In discharging our responsibilities, we do not take professional or ethical shortcuts. Technologies and the equipment which we offer, are real, checked up practically, and have authentic, repeated, stable results in industrial conditions.