Tata Steel Turkish

 Han OSB plant in Adapazari-painted steel sheet production. Cleaning process to clean the pool and 7 color-treated hair the hair is dyed and dried in the oven to 300°C. The process is completed.

7 units of 200 kW each in the pool water is heated by the burner of the 7 units with the existing exhaust heat recovery system, 20% of the waste heat of exhaust gas at 220°C and 120°C reduced the residual heat of the water front are heated, and the missing 7 pieces were being obtained by the combustion of the burner.

New to the 1 x 300 m2 TEV ®-KZ exhaust with custom exhaust heat exchanger (47,000 m3 / h) 100% of the temperature to 230°C to 100°C reduced to 225 ton-pool temperatures / h water flow rate of 60°- 70°C was. TEV ®-KZ application before the project to 300,000 kcal / h heat recovery has been awarded a total of 2,212,000 kcal / h heat recovery is provided.

The result: 1,912,000 kcal / hk heat recovery has been obtained from the difference. (1,912,000 / 9250 / 0.65 x 5 x 5 0 x 24 = 1,908,025 Nm3 / year) and annual fuel savings 820.450.-TL / year additional fuel cost is reduced.

Here is still 100°C 16,000 m3 / h of waste thrown into the air with the exhaust heat of the oven pre-heating of fresh air intake will be done again, saving additional fuel.

Here, (47 000 x 1.2 x 0.35 x (100 - 35)) / 9250 / 0.65 x 5 x 50 x 24 = 1,280,000 Nm3 / year of fuel savings and reduced fuel costs .-TL/yýl 550,500.

1,900,000 Nm3 / year of fuel savings - 820.000.-TL/yýl Cost reduction - with an investment of £ 400.000.-performing - has been paid back in 6 months.